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Great group process: "Begs, Brags and What If's"

BY Susanne Justesen / Innoversity / 0 COMMENTS

Use it for leveraging differences and to facilitate knowledge sharing in groups


A quick process tip for exchanging and sharing knowledge, feedback, personal stories and practical experience in groups wanting to innovate.

The process is very simple: Each person in the group is asked to either Beg (for help on a specific issue), Brag (about some a project or initiative that they've implemented successfully), or ask a What if question (which will provoke the group to think differently together).

This simple approach to structuring group dialogue and creative discussions was originally developed by Stanley Gryskiewicz, from the Center for Creative Leadership, who used it to facilitate creative thinking and dialogue at the biannual Association for Managers of Innovation Conference.

The process works best if group members or participants sit in a circle facing each other, while any one person can start the conversation with offering a beg, a brag, or a what if. This format works great for the sharing of personal stories and gaining feedback on projects from peers.

You may structure the process further by offering each person a certain time slot of everything between 3-20 minutes, where a short time slot works well for groups that know each other, longer time slots work well as a means to stimulate group conversations about topics of particular interest to each of the participants.


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