DuChamp, ManRay & Picabia

Paper by Ph.D. Susanne Justesen, INNOVERSITY RESEARCH, September 2008
I recently experienced a fascinating exhibition on the three artist DuChamp, ManRay and Picabia, an exhibition which has now been shown at Tate Modern in London, at Louisiana in Denmark and at the Museu Nacional d’Art in Barcelona. These three fascinating artists from the past together represent a great example for the future as to how to innovate with diversity.
This paper takes an interest in the collaboration between three of the most interesting artists of the 20th century, who were just as different from eachother, as their collaboration was unlikely. Maybe that is exactly why the results of their unique collaboration across continents and diversities is so remarkable.
The oldest of the three artists was the Spanish-French artist Picabia (1879-1953), a painter and a poet who also became a prominent polemic figure at the cultural and polical scene in France in the 1920s. What makes Picabia especially remarkable is the fact that in his 74 year lifetime, he managed to explore most of the important artistic movements of his time, which took him on a
remarkable creative journey spanning and crossing a range of different artist communities and movements. To the left is a picture of Picabia in is atelier in Paris in 1911.


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